Why Does “Now Back It Up!” Use a Runway?

Question: Why Does Now Back It Up! Use a Runway?

Answer: Simple… We need that much pavement to stage our featured competitions.

Everyone’s done it. Pulled up alongside another vehicle, looked over and then nailed the gas…

The most common speed contest in the world is the rolling race. This is where two vehicles clash from a start speed somewhere north of zero and run up the speeds until they either back down or encounter obstacles or impediments. With some of the monster cars and motorcycles trolling the roads today, these contests can reach ridiculous speed in a hurry. This means it is tough to get a clean run with real behemoth powerhouse street vehicles.

Now Back It Up! is the one show where you can see ‘What would happen if ….

…. a fast car and motorcycle met on the highway?
…. you had a mile of open road to explore your top speed?
…. a turbocharged exotic met a big V8 on juice?

Now drag racing is a tremendous sport, there is no doubt. However, such emphasis is placed on the start, a race is often over once it starts. Also, many drag vehicles are designed specifically for the quarter mile – at the top end, they are out of gear. Many are not true street vehicles either.

Roll racing and LSR (Land Speed Racing) is becoming more and more popular for street cars and bikes. For example, there is a huge group of car enthusiasts who practice the 60-130mph pulls using GPS-based Driftboxes to measure the time it takes to hit the number. Competition is often virtual, however. People compare numbers, but rarely have the excitement of side by side racing. Now Back It Up! features side by side racing – by far the most satisfying and interesting form of racing (as the drag racers know!)

LSR events are also making a transition from the dirt and salt of dry lake beds, which are hard on equipment, to runways around the country. Usually, this is the place where real street cars and bikes show up to explore the upper ends of their speed capabilities. The standing mile is the event of choice, which is why Now Back It Up! also uses the FullTilt Mile as a Signature event – only we run this side by side, something unique to Now Back It Up!

Runways are also wide enough that the danger presented by narrow roadways is alleviated. It would be easy to run 6 wide, in fact. This also allows us to use the width to inject the turn around point into Now Back It Up’s Half and Half race.

Lastly, runways are just plain cool places. These facilities are generally built for speed and therefore, perfect for Now Back It Up!

It is time we had a head to head venue and showcase to sort out the true speed merchants from the wannabes.

We’ll provide the place, you provide the guts and gears, Now Back It Up!

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