Godspeed VRAlexander

VRAlexander and Allison LearAlexander, the world will miss you.

I’m pretty sure there is a broken human mold in the shape of Alexander Djordjevic somewhere out in the Universe. Certainly, I’ve never met anyone else like him – a one-of-a-kind guy.

He lived life on his own terms. His personal motto was: “What’s the use of living if you can’t feel alive?”

With that as a mantra, Now Back It Up! fit perfectly with his passions and values.

Our Now Back It Up! family is saddened and stunned by his passing.

In brief, here is how he lost his life.

On June 26th, 2010 at just before 5PM during the Spectre 341 event in Virginia City Nevada, Alexander took his silver Porsche 997 on a last pass up the 5.2 mile course at the end of the day. Here is the course in a video.  Alexander went off course during this pass and suffered a fatal crash, which was witnessed by a corner worker. Just as he lived his life, his passing was very fast.

He is survived by his fiancée, Allison Lear, brother Kosta Djordjevic and father in the San Francisco area. There may be more family members that should be included, but I do not know any others.

A week ago, we talked on the phone about Now Back It Up! and upcoming opportunities. He shared with me that he had just come from firing 5000 rounds of 0.50 caliber ammunition from some kind of exotic automatic weapon and was totally invigorated by the experience. This kind of call was not unusual as he was always living live full-on.

I spoke to Alexander a few days ago about meeting in the Bay Area for dinner prior to his trip to the event in Virginia City. He recounted his past success there in an EVO based car and was looking forward to taking another crack at the very tough course. Sadly, we did not meet.

I did speak to Allison, his fiancée on Alexander’s phone as he was involved with prepping his car for the event. Certainly, he was pursing his dreams. The man was full of passion.

At this time, I do not have information to share about any memorial services, but will update this page as information becomes available.

Alexander, my friend, you’ve left a void that will not be filled. Godspeed.


Kerry Ward

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