People love it when someone talking smack is called out– especially when the bragging is done on the Internet. NOW BACK IT UP! gathers these folks in one place and does the unthinkable – lines them up side by side to back up their publicity. Who’ll back up their claims? You’ll see.

There Can Be Only One...

Some will deliver, while others will be humbled. Along the way we’ll show you every dramatic step as we declare a final judgment in the season’s finale crowning an ultimate winner: The King of the Street.

With cars and motorcycles there is always one burning question; Who is the fastest? It is the definitive motorsports question.

NOW BACK IT UP! answers this question with each episode. Six vehicles (including a surprise ‘special guest’ vehicle) will be matched up in each episode. Riders and drivers will negotiate to select their preferred event in two categories from our Event Menu so they’ll stand the best chance of prevailing.

It is a perfect confluence of testosterone: Internet Legends, Super Modified Cars, Hyper Street Bikes, a Unique Special Guest and a 1.5 mile Runway. Since every episode will feature the most interesting fast street vehicles in the country, interest will build as the season builds to its finale.

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