The Host

Host – Kerry Ward

Kerry Ward

Kerry is one of the pioneers of online motorsports videos having produced content featuring fast street cars and bikes for more than 10 years. Predating video sharing sites, Kerry (with some help from friends) self produced videos that were downloaded by millions of viewers. His DVD series Kings of the Street is well recognized in motorsports forums around the globe.

One of the abilities that cemented Kerry’s reputation as somebody who can create, direct and produce street racing content is his strong, even-handed communication. In an area where egos can run amok, Kerry has proven the ability to bring diverse groups of riders and drivers together to create extraordinary experiences.

Kerry has a motojournalism background with a strong focus on Motorcyles. After being a full time staff member at Motorcylist and Sport Rider Magazines, he’s also been published in American Roadracing, BLVD, Street Bike, and more. His duties included primary photography and riding featured bikes for photo shoots.

As a racer, Kerry has dabbled in motorcycle roadracing, drag racing and long distance events. He is high speed veteran who has exceeded 200mph on two wheels on many occasions. This experience has proven invaluable when it comes to filming racing action at extremely high speeds.

He is the host of the Kings of the Street DVD series and works as a corporate trainer and keynote speaker. Kerry also developed and hosted The Adventurer Next Door television project.

Kerry is the founder of Fulltiltlife and is a member of over 60 internet motorsport forums. He is married with a 10 year old daughter and lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia.  If you’ve seen a man in red leathers with ‘FULLTILT’ on his back and a video camera on the gas tank riding a 300HP Turbo Hayabusa motorcycle passing you on the highway, that would have been Kerry!

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